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Amish beliefs which are shared by Evangelicals: The Amish are a very conservative Christian faith group, with an Anabaptist tradition. Many of their beliefs are identical to those of many Fundamentalist and other Evangelical churches, including:

The set includes 32 men, five female figures, three ren and a . The adults are priced at $350 apiece, the ren and at $250. – …

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Introducing the Amish FAQ Have a question on Amish culture, beliefs, or other topic? The new Amish FAQ resource will give you concise …

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Language Questions about the Amish dialect What language do the Amish speak? Why to Amish people call their dialect “Dutch”? Is the dialect Amish …

Amish romance is a literary subgenre of Christian fiction featuring Amish characters, but written and read mostly by evangelical Christian women. An industry term for Amish romance novels is “bonnet rippers” because most feature a woman in a bonnet on the cover, and “bonnet ripper” is a play on the term “bodice ripper” for stereotypical …

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An intimate portrait of Amish family life and faith, this film opens up a world usually kept private. Miriam and David are Old Order Amish and photography is not permitted under the strict rules of

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Amish Religious Traditions. In every culture, special occasions are marked by ritual and tradition—the particular way a community celebrates an event.

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The Traditional Family & The Amish. There is much talk today about the importance of “traditional family values.” In modern society we look to institutions outside the home for education, religion, entertainment, etc.

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The Amish: history, beliefs, practices, conflicts, diseases, etc.

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