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How to receive DVB-S digital video transmissions from the International Space Station with a bit of hardware and a lot of software.

S ® Devoted entirely to Amateur Radio Reprinted wit permission from January 1 S Receiver In the US and most of North …

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Cut the Cable! Build Your Own Digital TV Antenna Cable bills busting the budget? you may be missing out on free TV. Using scrap wire with stock lumber, build a slick homemade antenna and stay tuned.

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AmateurLogic.TV Episode 117 is now available for download. How would you describe a particular artifact in someone’s transmit audio so they understand what you are hearing?

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Melbourne Amateur TV Group. A web page dedicated to ham radio operators using amateur TV ( ATV ) in Melbourne Australia.

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HAM TV All about Amateur Television – ATV. Ham Radio with Vision Hosted by Tom O’Hara W6ORG – Email: Retired owner of P.C. Electronics, The Leader in Amateur Television Equipment for 50 years – history.

Above is a 13 element (see element count) TV aerial [above left] and 3 element DAB aerial [above right], illustrating the main components found on Yagi type aerials.

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Amateur television (ATV) is the transmission of broadcast quality video and audio over the wide range of frequencies of radio waves allocated for radio amateur (Ham) use. ATV is used for non-commercial experimentation, pleasure and public service events.

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