Information on emissions and removals of the main greenhouse gases to and from the atmosphere.

A supply and demand diagram, illustrating the effects of an increase in demand

Nylon & Nylatron: Nylon Sheet, Nylon Rod & Nylon Tube. Nylon Sheet and Nylon Rod have become the most well known engineering plastics due to their excellent properties.Nylon acts as an all rounder product and is capable in many situations of being a safe and dependable plastic.

The United States Border Patrol (USBP) is an American federal law enforcement agency.Its mission is to detect and prevent aliens, terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States, and prevent trafficking of people and contraband.

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DuPont™ Zytel® nylon resin products include: Zytel® HTN for high heat, Zytel® PLUS for long-term heat aging, and renewably sourced Zytel® RS.

A Data Boost adds more high speed data to your standard or prepaid account. Find out how to purchase more data according to your plan.

Oil Filled Nylon : Oilon, Ertalon LFX & Nylube. Oil filled nylon (Oilon) has been especially developed for unlubricated, highly loaded and slowly moving parts applications, and yields a considerable enlargement of the application possibilities of nylons.

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DuPont™ Zytel® PA is a versatile, cost-efficient polyamide nylon that is widely specified for its light weight, strength, durability, and heat resistance.

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Aquaculture in the Philippines has a long history and involves many species and farming practices in diverse ecosystems. Most of the production comes from the farming of seaweed, milkfish, tilapia, shrimp, carp, oyster and mussel.

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The fundamentals of pyrolysis, its latest developments, the different conditions of the process and its residues are of great importance in evaluating the applicability of the pyrolysis process within the waste management sector and in waste treatment.

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