Reports from Denver suggest the Denver Broncos believe Kirk Cousins is destined to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

Miami Dolphins (6-10) – Previously: 31. Miami is a complete mess. The team dealt its top receiver for nothing. Ndamukong Suh is gone. The offensive line can’t block.

If you have ever been to Greenland, you know that it does not live up to its name.Instead of being a beautiful, green island Greenland is icy and cold. There have been many theories about how the island, along with nearby Iceland came to …

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Check out every draft since 1936 alphabetically, by round, by pick, by college, by year, by team, by position.

Havamal is the words of wisdom which served as spiritual provisions for the Vikings on their long journeys over the rough sea to discover new lands. It is one of the more famous and certainly one of the most popular of the so-called Eddaic poems.

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Visit the world of the vikings! Norman Word Meaning in English Old Norse (origin) acllaumpaer: to tie together, to fix

not trying to break your mystique about the vikings, but male vikings had a more feminine physical traits and female vikings had more masculine physical traits compared to men and women today

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