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Primetime is no longer defined by the time the show is aired, but by the connection that content has with its audience. We see this reflected through over 150 million hours of YouTube watchtime per day on TV screens alone. 1 In this next era of entertainment and information, we’re more committed than ever to YouTube being a platform for fresh

My name is Jon, I am from Montreal, Canada, and I make videos once in a while. I also act on a show called “The League,” and I tour sometimes. Want to be my

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Nana Plaza gogo bar reviews and updates by Thailand nightlife expert Dave The Rave Bangkok

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The Ordinary is a new line of Skincare products at great prices! Here’s my review of 3 products from The Ordinary: Vitamin C 23% Suspension, The Buffet, and Natural Moisturizing Factors:

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Steve, I am happy you have internet again so soon. I know you will still be later for your video. ��

SHOE IN PUSSY – Discussion about teens getting high heeled shoes shoved in their pussy, whether the sexy ending of a lost catfight or just to cum.

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The Lonely Island are Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. They’ve been making videos together since September of 2000. They met in High. N

UltimateMovieRankings (UMR) has been ranking movies since 2011. Movies are ranked by using a combination of box office grosses, reviews and awards. So far we have ranked 36,000 movies, written over 2,500 pages, been viewed over 14 million times, won three website awards and have received over

How to Use YouTube’s Parental Controls In case your ‘s search for funny cat videos takes a wrong turn

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